• Big flow
  • Good control of High pressure, only 20kg different
  • Thermal protection

Scope of application:

  • Home decoration water-based paint
  • Paint with solvent
  • Two-c omponent coatings
  • Emulsion paint

Application area:

  •  Home decoration spraying
  • Tooling basement: garage spraying
  • Color steel tile spraying
  • Casting release agent spraying
  • Outwall paint spraying
  • Radiator and steel member spraying

50CM extension rod 1
high pressure pipe 13m 1
spraying gun 1
523 nozzle 1
pressure gauge with De-pressurizing valve 1
instruction manual 1
each suction pipe, return pipe 1
each 17mm 19mm open-ended wrench 1
Model Voltage Rated input of device Max.operating pressure Max.volume flow Volume flow ta 12Mpa with water Mxz.viscosity NET weight Paking measurement
HD-520 230V~


2.5KW 22.7Mpa  22.7bar 3.6l/min 2.8l/min 20000mPas 42kg 66cm*52cm*57cm
HD-525 230V~


3.0KW 22.7Mpa  22.7bar 4.1l/min 3.3l/min 20000mPas 42kg 66cm*52cm*57cm