Drywall sander

First develop Long-arm auto-vacumm drywall sander; Optimized air system ensure big vacumm power; Good sealing for anti-dust well protection for motor.

Cement/Plaster smoothing machine

Wet plaster,cement smoothing machine; Plastic pad for rough smoothing; Sponge pad for finishing smoothing; Abrasive for outwall paint removing.

Cement/Paint mixer

High torque for cement/paint mixing; Ergonomic handle; Synchronization for mechanical speed control.

Scouring machine/Concrete grinder

Powerful; Efficient; Much clean environment-connect with vacuum cleaner.

Paint equipment

Big flow; Electronic intelligent control system; Quick disassemble pump; Long life time of carbon brush 2 years.

Cordless tools

Li-ion battery.

Other machine

Larger capacity boxes deliver increased productivity; Improved design for adjusting blade tension allows easy accurate setting for the perfect crown; Anodized aluminium plates for suprior durability; Pressure plate lid opens wide allowing easy access for cleaning; Pressure plate mounted on axle for smoother.