•  Long life time of carbon brush 2 years
  • Accurate mechanical pressure control similar result as brushless one
  • Little pressure change 2-3MPA different

Scope of use:

  • water-based paint, latex paint, paint

Applicable occasions:

  • wall, steel, engineering
50CM extension rod 1
high pressure pipe 13m 1
spraying gun 1
523 nozzle 1
pressure gauge with De-pressurizing valve 1
instruction manual 1
each suction pipe, return pipe 1
each 17mm 19mm open-ended wrench 1
Model Type Power Voltage Frequency Nozzle size Max spraying pressure Flow Spray hose Weight
HD440 Piston Pump 1000W 220-240V~ 50Hz 519 227bar(22.7Mpa) 2.0L/min 50Mpa 18Kg
HD450 Piston Pump 1300W 220-240V~ 50Hz 521 227bar(22.7Mpa) 2.4L/min 50Mpa 22Kg